“HomeForDancers is a life-saver!”

Hey Maryss! I want to tell you in the name of Funkdation Crew that you really saved our lives not once, or twice, but three times! lol Home for Dancers was really our home for the time we lived there. Even if you weren’t around we felt that there was your essence all over the place! It is the cleanest, safest, most comfortable place we’ve ever been for a long time! Everything is where you would like it to be and everyone that stays there is so nice and amazing! We hope that more people could see how good Home for Dancers is because it really helped us in many ways!1 Thank you again Maryss for letting us stay at Home for Dancers! 

— Memo Martinez & Funkdation Crew.

“We're SO glad we stayed here!”

Hi Maryss, we don’t know when you’re coming back, so we’re writing this in case we’re not gonna see each other again. We really want to thank you for everything! You’re such a nice person, and we’re so grateful for everything you’ve done for us. Thank you for making our LA trip a success, it couldn’t have been this amazing without your help, and our wonderful roommates! Home For Dancers was a really nice place to stay, so near to Debbie Reynold’s dance studio, and the bus stop was so close, it saved us a lot of money! This place is not just a place we can live in, but a home! Thank you again for everything, I hope we can keep in touch! If you ever come to Norway, you have to contact us also! 😀 Thank you Maryss From Paris, and Home for Dancers! 

Jonathan Alolod, Harold Lagunilla and Andre Cruz from Norway


"I'm so comfortable here I really don't want to leave!"

Hi Maryss, I would really like to thank you for putting us up this entire month, I have nothing but good, no, great memories of this place. I really hope « Home For Dancers » is going to stay around for a long time because I’ll definitely be back here and will make sure word gets out to dancers in Singapore that is coming to LA. I really can’t think of any suggestions to improve this place. I really believe that « a house is not a Home » and this is definitely a Home. I’m so comfortable here that I really don’t want to leave. Form the Bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! WE <3 HOME FOR DANCERS!! & WE <3 YOU!! xoxo .

— SYAM from Singapore


“Everything we wanted and more.”

Hola!!! I didn’t get to really tell you…. thank you sooooo much for everything !!! Home For Dancers is forever my number one place in LA! not just because I realized you were the one taking care of Home for Dancers and….  I’m a fan!!!!!! :p but also because the place was beyond what I was hoping for!!! I’ve had bad experience with hostels and other type of housing for dancers as the shared places were dirty and messy and you don’t always feel safe with people you don’t know, especially away from home… well… this is definitely my HOME away from home! it was so much fun, SO clean , so close to the dance studios (saved me a lot of dinero!) and most of all I love each and every dancers who stayed there at the same time as me <3 <3 <3 Thank you also soooo much for introducing me to  the dance agency and for the immigration lawyer referral, I will let you know as soon as I start my work visa process!!! Count on me to spread the words about Home for Dancers and let me know if there is anywhere I can write something about it on your website or something? I love HOME FOR DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!! thank you! thank you! thank you!  (see!!! it rhymes too!!!)

— Paula la Mexicana.


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